Fail Favorites.xml contains data on selected hubs and users. Located in the folder /Settings (or user\appdata\FlylinkDC++ in case install in “Program Files”) and is a xml-file that contains two main sections, Hubs, and Users. Below shows the general structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Further, contains elements of each element parameters describe the data for a particular hub.

Name="Hub Name - Topic hubs at the time of adding (dchub://address hub)"
Connect="1"							// Auto Connection
Description="FlylinkDC++ Team - Вас приветствует FlyBOT! (dchub://"
Nick=""								// Nickname
Password=""							// User password
Server="dchub://"				// address hub
UserDescription=""						// User description
Encoding="Russian_Russia.1251"					// Encoding hub
AwayMsg=""							// Message "Away"
Email=""							// Email
WindowPosX="38"							// Coordinates MDI-Window
WindowPosY="48"							//
WindowSizeX="996"						//
WindowSizeY="171"						//
WindowType="3"							// 
ChatUserSplit="7496"						// Position of the splitter Chat/List users
StealthMode="0"							// 
HideShare="0" 							// Hide the share
SetUserIpOnLogon="0"						// Update the IP on logon
ShowJoins="0"							// Show joins
ExclChecks="0"							//
ExclusiveHub="0"						// Making the hub to think that he is the only
UserListState="1"						// Show list of users
HeaderOrder="0,1,3,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12"			//
HeaderWidths="100,75,150,150,150,50,40,40,100,50,50,100,300"	//
HeaderVisible="1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1"			//
RawOne="" RawTwo="" RawThree="" RawFour="" RawFive=""		// Raw-Commands
Mode="1"							//
IP=""								//
OpChat=""							//
SearchInterval="10"						// Minimum search interval
CliendId="StrgDC++ 2.42"					// Client to "fake tag"
OverrideId="0"							// Inclusion of masking client
Group="внешка"							// Group hub
ChatUserPos="0"							// Chat on the left, the list of users to the right

Further, contains elements that describe the options chosen by the user

LastSeen="1304497449"						// Last seen time in the format unixtime
GrantSlot="1"							// Auto delivery slots
SuperUser="0"							//
IgnorePrivate="0" 						//
FreeAccessPM="0" 						//
UploadLimit="0" 						//
UserDescription="" 						//
Nick="[LKS]Лилёк" 						// Nickname
URL="" 						//
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