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Q: How do I download?


1) You can use the search by pressing Ctrl + S or selecting the menu item „View“ → „Search“.
2) You can list the contents of any user by right clicking on their name and choosing „Get File-list“

J: Kā lai es uzstādu savu modemu? (portu pāradresēšana)

Setting up your ports

Flylink should work fine in most situations in Passive mode, but there are limitations when in this mode.

Q: What port should I use for TCP and UDP?

You may use any unused port from 0 to 65535, but you should use a high port number, something around 5 digits should work fine. (ie 3000X)

Yes. Copy the necessary files to your Flylink install directory and run Flylink.exe

Q: Can not connect to the hub!

This section has yet to be translated

Q: What are the modes in DC? How do they differ?

Q: Search does not work, what do I do?

Add the client to the list of „exceptions“ of your antivirus. Check the connection settings. If you work in passive mode, then check „use passive search.“ When in active mode - make sure to remove it. Check whether you forwarded the UDP port.

Q: How do I add a hub to Favorites?

Use the command „/fav“ in the chatbox.

Q: What is the download speed in FlyLinkDC + +?

DC is P2P so it is dependent on the peer(s) you download from.

It varies from very small (<1kb/s) to the maximum possible for your type of connection (10 Mb/s to 100Mbit LAN and higher for other types of connections).

Q: I followed the directions and it still doesn't work!

Please double check ALL your settings (Flylink, Modem/Router, Firewall, System) If you still have trouble refer to the support hub.

J: Magnētiskās saites — Kas tāds tādas?

Q: How does DC++ know files are identical?

It uses the TTH(Tiger Tree hash) checksum.

For each file there is a checksum in TTH, if the hash is the same for two files of the same size then it means they are absolutely identical even if they have different names. This is why FlyLinkDC++ takes a while when you add folders to the share (it's generating the checksums for all the files and storing them in a database.) This method is standard across all modern DC clients but Flylink strives to do it faster and more efficiently.

Q: What is TTH? Hashing? Why does it have to be done and why does it slow things down?

TTH - in a nutshell is a unique file name that does not depend on how you named it. That is, if two files are the same, regardless of their usual names, the TTH will be the same, even if the names and size are the same but the TTH is different then it's a different file (one of them is likely corrupt).

Hashing (hashing) - is getting a „unique name“ by analyzing the file. This requires computer resources, so that when you first start FlyLinkDC++, the hashing process may slow down your computer for a short time (this only happens when you add new files to your share so it should not be a problem to you)

J: Kur es varu atrast savas lejuplādētās datnes?

Q: Do other users have access to delete or upload files in or to my share

Absolutely no

This is a bug in Internet Explorer There's nothing we can do, Sorry :(

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