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 +UserList Graphic Icones (r5xx)\\
 +'​**A**'​ - Active Mode ([[en:​connection_settings|toggle Mode]])\\
 +'​**P**'​ - Passive Mode, with firewall ([[en:​connection_settings|toggle Mode]])
 +{{:​all:​user_00.png|}} '​A'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_01.png|}} '​A',​ Away\\
 +{{:​all:​user_02.png|}} '​P'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_03.png|}} '​P',​ Away\\
 +//​User-server ("​Bomb"​). (User is online more than 2 hours, or has more than 2 GiB of share and it uploads more than 200 MiB)//\\
 +{{:​all:​user_04.png|}} '​A'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_05.png|}} '​A',​ Away\\
 +{{:​all:​user_06.png|}} '​P'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_07.png|}} '​P',​ Away\\
 +//User with >10 mbps connection speed//\\
 +{{:​all:​user_08.png|}} '​A'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_09.png|}} '​A',​ Away\\
 +{{:​all:​user_10.png|}} '​P'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_11.png|}} '​P',​ Away\\
 +//User with <10 mbps connection speed, but no more than 100 Kbps//\\
 +{{:​all:​user_12.png|}} '​A'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_13.png|}} '​A',​ Away\\
 +{{:​all:​user_14.png|}} '​P'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_15.png|}} '​P',​ Away\\
 +//User with channel below 100 Kbps, As well as all other users.//\\
 +{{:​all:​user_16.png|}} '​A'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_17.png|}} '​A',​ Away\\
 +{{:​all:​user_18.png|}} '​P'​\\
 +{{:​all:​user_19.png|}} '​P',​ Away\\
 +P.S. The speed at which you choose what icon to display, can not be calculated as specified by the user on a page of [[en:​general|general settings]] in the "​channel width"
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