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 +===== Partage =====
 +{{ :​en:​share.png |}}
 +==== Dossiers partagés ====
 +Choose the folders you want to make available for download. Many hubs have a minimum limit on the size of the share, so it is recommended to share at least 15-20 GB
 +//Partager des fichiers cachés // - Fait les fichiers cachés aussi disponibles
 +//Shae system files// - Shares files with the "​system"​ attribute
 +(recommended left off)
 +//Share virtual files (links in OS)// - Makes things like [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Symbolic_link|Symbolic links]] work as intended.
 +Should only be disabled if you have issues.
 +You may also enable the old sharing interface in the [[en:​ui_settings|UI settings]] tab if you prefer that interface.
 +{{ :​en:​share_old.png |}}
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