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Segmented Downloading

Enable multi-source - Enables or disables the ability to grab files in pieces (Read more on Segmented downloading)

Search for alternative TTH source - The time it takes before Flylink searches for more sources of a file (from 2 minutes to infinity)

Don't begin a new segment if overall speed is above x - Will not start a new segment of a file if speed is above x

Manual settings for number of segments - Number of segments, ie the parts of a file. Should range from 40 to 70 for optimal results. Do not set unless you have reason.

Antifragmentation method

Pre allocate files (with zero filled dummy files) before the download is finished
Note: when adding/removing huge folders to the queue (10000+ files at once) this can freeze your client for a second while it creates the files, just wait.

Other settings

Automatically match queue for auto search hits - In this mode Flylink downloads the file list of each alternate source and looks through it for other files in your queue.

Note: Do not be surprised if the program spontaneously starts to download lots of file lists.

Skip zero-byte files - Will not download files of 0 bytes

Enable queue updating in real time - If disabled progress bars will update at an interval instead of constantly.

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