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Connection settings

Bind address

In this section you'll want to fill in the IP address of the of the network interface that you want to bind to Flylink. If you have multiple providers and would like to use them all set it to, this will allow the program to use connections on all network interfaces.

Incoming connection settings

The default is Firewalled, this is not preferred and is only available as a “worst case scenario” option because you will not be able to download from other users that use this setting. If you don't know how to configure Firewall with manual port forwarding, then leave it as is for now.

Direct connection - Use this option if you connect directly to the internet and through no intermediary device (modem/router etc.).

Firewall with manual port forwarding - Use this option when your computer and network providers have a modem or router.

Four windows on the right for the port numbers TCP file transfer and TLS, UDP for search and DHT.

In the text box enter your IP or click Get IP address.

The next two input fields are for get IP address and it verification.

Don't allow hub to override - will not allow a hub to set your IP for you (sometimes useful for outdated local hubs)

Update IP on startup - Will check and set you IP at startup and at the set interval.

DHT - DHT is Distributed Hash Table, it allows you to upload and download from users outside of your hubs if enabled

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