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 +===== Auto update =====
 +{{ :​fr:​settings-autoupdate.png |}}
 +Enabling Auto Update allows you to regularly receive new versions of the client and client components automatically. With this feature enabled bugs should resolve themselves automatically over time.\\
 +There is an option to upgrade to stable "​release"​ versions, which usually eliminates most of the critical issues that beta client may have.\\
 +==== Update Server ====
 +By default the update server is set to the Googlecode project url, these are official files from team FlylinkDC++,​ but if your provider or hub offers its own builds you can use those too, check the box "Use a custom update server."​\\
 +==== Update Schedule ====
 +You can set a time for Flylink to check for updates, and/or check on startup.\\
 +==== Components to update ====
 +You do not need to update every component of Flylink if for some reason you don't want to (bandwidth limits may be an issue for you etc.) so here you can choose what you would like to update.\\
 +**Component list**\\
 +//Binary module// - FlylinkDC++ binary files. It is recommended not to exclude this as it is the core program itself.\\
 +//​Utilities//​ - Additional tools such as Flylink Discovery (database viewing tool)\\
 +//Language module// - Updates translation files, locations, and symbols for your langauge. You will want this option ticked to receive translation update/​revisions for your client \\
 +//Portal browser// - A utility to work with sites directly inside the client\\
 +//Emoticon Packs// - Downloads the latest smiley/​emoticon packs :)\\
 +//​Web-server//​ - Update for remote client management. If you use this feature you should definitely update this module for potential security fixes.\\
 +//Sounds// - New packages or replacements for sounds\\
 +//Icons themes// - Updates icon sets and graphic images\\
 +//Color themes// - Updates the color set\\
 +//​Documentation//​ - Updates Documentation\\
 +//DHT server list// - Downloads the latest list of DHT server nodes\\
 +==== Additional settings ====
 +**Show warning before restart** - Alerts you that there was an update.\\
 +**Update unknown components** - Allows for the download of files or components you don't already have or are non integral.\\
 +**Restart after update** - If ticked Flylink will want to restart after a successful update. If you have the above box "Show warnings"​ ticked it will prompt you, asking if you want to restart or not. If you have the above box unticked Flylink will restart after every update automatically without confirmation for a fully autonomous updating system\\
 +If auto updating is enabled and you choose not to restart immediately Flylink will update it's components on the next launch.\\
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