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 +You're running FlylinkDC++ in the outdated, no longer supported by Microsoft, the OS version.
 +Using an outdated version of the OS is dangerous for at least two reasons:
 +  * availability of published vulnerabilities;​
 +  * places without warranty of any kind on the part of the software and drivers on stable operation.
 +List of actual operating system is listed below:
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_XP|Windows XP with SP3]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_Server_2003|Windows Server 2003 with SP2]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_Vista|Windows Vista with SP2]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_Server_2008|Windows Server 2008 with SP2]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_7|Windows 7 with SP1]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_Server_2008_R2|Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_8|Windows 8]]**
 +  * **[[http://​​wiki/​Windows_Server_2012|Windows Server 2012]]**
 +When run on an older version of OS FlylinkDC++ informs the user about it immediately after the start, shows the dialog box shown below with a warning about possible errors in the program and offer to show this help.
 +{{ :​en:​outdatedoperatingsystem.png |}}
 +Please note that after any user response FlylinkDC++ will continue to work, but the stability is not guaranteed.
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