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 +MagnetLink - support for DC++ for Android
 +This application allows you to send links MagnetLink "​magnet:"​ Android devices with processing at the FlylinkDC++ running on a PC.
 +This is not a full DC++ client! For it to work you need a computer with installed and configured the client FlylinkDC++!!!
 +  - Download, install and configure FlylinkDC++ (if not already done so)\\
 +  - Enable Web-server (File-> Preferences ... -> Remote-> Web-server)\\ Remember (or set) the parameters (port, user name and password)
 +  - The item numbered spiskaProverit work FlylinkDC++ \\ http://​IP/​DNS-adress_PC:​port/​ Login to use this name and password to Android devices
 +  - Set the device MagnetLink Android \\ You can take from this page or from the Google Market: {{:​wiki:​barcode.png|}}
 +  - Customize MagnetLink\\ item "​Settings"​ on the home page
 +  - Check the MagnetLink\\ browser Login to Android devices on the web-site is provided by your ISP and click on the link "​download file"
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