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 +===== Autoban =====
 +{{ :​en:​settings-autoban.png |}}
 +Here you can configure block rules to ban clients from downloading your files.
 +//Ban if open slots//\\
 +Blocks the user if they have less slots open than defined.
 +//Ban if shared is less than, GB//\\
 +Blocks the user if they have shared less than defined.
 +//Ban if upload speed is less than, KiB//\\
 +Blocks the user if their upload speed is less than defined.
 +//Stealth ban//\\
 +Stealth mode, the user sees "no free slots" instead of the specified ban message.
 +//Send PM, even if client supports BanMsg//\\
 +Will always send your ban message to the client.
 +//Repeat PM period, min//\\
 +Sends ban message after the specified time, on the condition that the client is still trying to download something from you.
 +//Message on ban//\\
 +The PM that gets sent to the banned client.
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